Nicole Toomey

Nicole Toomey

Nicole says '“I have never looked back with green master”

Which model(s)/size of Greenmaster bowls do you enjoy playing with and why? I have always played with greenmaster premiers and have never wanted to change. I currently play with size 3 heavy plum greenmaster premiers and I am probably playing the best I have with them than the other sets. They are consistant and have a good line.

Where were you born?....Wellington

What country/region do you play for?...Wellington, New Zealand

Are you a member of any bowling associations? Y/N
If Yes which ones. NZ PBA

When and why did you start playing bowls?....
I started playing when I about 14. I grew up around the bowling club as my parents and grandparents had played since before I was born. I was tired of going to the bowling club and just watching so was finally at an age that seemed old enough to start playing competitively so I started

Are there any particular stories/incidents you would like to tell us about that relate to your bowling?
I had my most recent set of greenmasters for just over a year now and I was so excited about them arrive so I could try them out. I checked every day if they had arrived and when they finally did it was the day of our Wellington open singles. I had lost my first game and needed to win my next three to qualify. As eager as I was to test them out, I got my mum to bring them down to the bowling club where I used them for my final three games all of which I won putting me through to post section. I then went all the way through to the finals with my new set of bowls where I lost 21-20.

In the bowling world who do you most admire and why?
There are so many amazing bowlers out there it is hard to pick just one that I admire. Growing up in a fairly competitive bowling club, a lot of the local bowlers have definitely influenced my bowling career. I admire my family a lot as if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today with bowls. One person that I also always looked up to is Mandy Boyd for all her achievements at such a young age.

Do you have a favourite – film, book, song, football team, actor, etc. It can be more than one if you like.
My favourite film would have to be “We Bought a Zoo” – I have always had a love for animals and once this movie had come out I watched it a number of times.

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